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Damiens' Bed

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57358.  Mon Mar 06, 2006 7:14 am Reply with quote

Why wouldn't you want to sleep in Damiens' bed?.

F: Because he's the antichrist, it's creaky, Stephen would be there

A: Robert-François Damiens (1715-1757) arguably had the most painful death in history...and it largely happened in bed.

On January 5, 1757, Damiens attempted to kill Louis XV of France with a knife. He buggered it up, only inflicting a slight wound, before getting arrested.

As punishment,he was chained to an iron bed that was heated, his right hand was burned in a fire, and his flesh was torn with red-hot pincers. And that's not all. Sulphur, molten wax, lead and boiling oil were poured into his wounds. Horses were then attached to his arms and legs for dismemberment. The poor chaps' joints wouldn't break, and - after some hours - representatives of the Parliament ordered the executioner to cut Damiens' joints. Damiens was then dismembered, to the applause of the crowd, which included Casanova. His trunk, apparently still living, was then burnt at the stake.

After his death his house was razed to the ground, his brothers and sisters were ordered to change their names, and his father, wife, and daughter were banished from France.



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