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The Ganzfeld Effect

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Cool Hand Luke
1031313.  Thu Oct 24, 2013 4:44 pm Reply with quote

Would you like to hallucinate like you just popped some LSD's, but without all those nasty side effects?

If you cut a ping pong ball in half, put each half on top of one of your eyes, put on some headphones playing white noise, and turn on a red light facing your eyes, you can say hello to Gandalf the Grey as he leads you down the Yellow Brick Road to fight Genghis Khan and his band of elves.

The effect essentially blocks out all the signals from your brain, forcing your brain to create some of its own, therefore the onslaught of hallucinations.

Who knew our own brains could be our most reliant drug dealers!

1031430.  Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:01 am Reply with quote

All we need is to find an L connection for this! L for LSD maybe?

1031448.  Fri Oct 25, 2013 12:03 pm Reply with quote

"What's the cheapest way to trip on LSD in the Red Light District?"

Luke did say "Put on a red light facing your eyes," after all. :P

1034231.  Fri Nov 08, 2013 5:00 pm Reply with quote

haha, nice. i learned about this a while ago, and thought it'd be something Quite Interesting for these forums. so i did a search first, to see if it had already come up somewhere... apparently it did!

here's a nice little link that explains the basics in very simple terms:

needless to say, i tried it. twice. and it didn't really work... at least, it didn't do what they said it'd do.
there were no hallucinations; i did get in a sort of "deep trance-like state". what happened was pretty much what i expected to happen when i tried self-hypnosis (self-hypnosis didn't work for me; i have trouble relaxing enough to let go) . i felt myself drifting away. afterwards, it felt like i just woke up from a very deep sleep. it was kind of relaxing (something i'm gonna remember for when i get another sleepless night).
kind of remarkable, though: both times i tried the ganzfeld thing, i "woke up" very suddenly, when the video came to an end. so it definitely had some effect. just not what it said on the tin, as it were.
though if you search youtube, you can see a lot of people for whom it actually does work.
so i'm just gonna have to keep on trying :D

1034331.  Sat Nov 09, 2013 12:35 pm Reply with quote

There was an interesting article about hallucinations in the New Scientist recently. They appear when you sit in front of a mirror in dim light and stare at yourself for at least ten minutes. It starts with subtle distortions of your face, and carries on from there.

This is apparently related to the [url=]Bloody Mary Illusion and the Troxler Effect.

1034378.  Sat Nov 09, 2013 7:47 pm Reply with quote

The effect sounds similar in many ways to Charles Bonnet syndrome - visual hallucinations sometimes suffered following a significant loss of sight.

1034873.  Tue Nov 12, 2013 12:58 pm Reply with quote

i won't try the bloody-mary-illusion, though. it comes a wee bit too close to a nightmare i once had, which had me avoiding mirrors for almost a week.

the ganzfeld thing still doesn't work, though. if anyone else tried it, i'd love to hear about their experiences.


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