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Anyone sharing their house with wildlife?

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1281637.  Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:13 pm Reply with quote

I have a possum who lives at the far end of the house and once dark, strolls through the house and goes out to forage at night and then returns in the early morning to his bedroom

Sometimes I have cherries or grapes or a plum to offer and I have to wait and pass each piece to him and wait for him to throw away the cherry pips etc

I also have a magpie that comes in the house for food and has come over to me, sitting about 2 metres from the back door, inside the house, who has stood on my thigh, looked in my bowl, eyed off my food and chosen the best piece to take.

It makes me so happy. They aren't people raised babies that are now adult, but wild creatures that now trust me.

Alfred E Neuman
1281647.  Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:05 am Reply with quote

Sounds idyllic, as long as they know where to crap :-)

Closest I have is a bee hive under my dining room floor, but theyíre neither tame nor friendly. My resident domesticated animals would most likely scare away any wild animals who might be considering moving in.

1281651.  Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:07 am Reply with quote

As I type one possum is on way out for the night.

There must have been a panic attack at some point, as my usually laid back cats had a bit of a hiss and turned to stare him safely out

The days are growing shorter and it is not quite dark now - but poss isnt willing to wait.

I have to be careful which pet sheep are in the backyard as some will walk into the house, knock things over, steal from the kitchen benches and dump on the floor.

No carpet thankfully. The poos are usually pellets in both cases and very easy to vacuum up The pees are the pain.

I grew up with horses and herbivore poos I don't mind at all. Quite like the smell - and poo for the garden is far more precious to me than clothes or jewels. The cat and dog poos are the ones that make me gag badly.

Luckily, they go outside.

I once caught myself praising a dog pooing outside and realised I did it automatically. Very enthusiastic...

Some people might think me very odd in my seeming enthusiasm - but I train them to go outside and it becomes automatic.

Sometimes poss comes in a bit early, maybe 2 am and I wonder if he is being bullied and if I wake up, I sometimes follow him to his bed and bring him some bread or fruit.

1281653.  Thu Apr 19, 2018 3:20 am Reply with quote

Have your bees been there a long time?

I was reading that after a few years, bees who settle in the gaps in house walls can have a comb the size of a car!

My friend had a wild domestic bee swarm settle into the gap of her wall, in her old wooden cottage and found an apiarist who was willing to open the wall as little as needed, get the queen and her workers, take them away and check for diseases etc set them up in a hive, return and mend her house and if she wanted, bring the hive back to put in her garden and he would manage it and give her honey in payment... and it has all turned out wonderfully.

She paid the normal fee for the house repairs and he made sure the bees couldn't return. There are lots of people running bees in city backyards. I've even seen houses set up hives on their roof. The bees visit city gardens and parks and if you don't want to manage it, there are more and more apiarists willing to manage it for you and pay in honey

Alfred E Neuman
1281666.  Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:29 am Reply with quote

Theyíve been there many years. I doubt thereís any cheap enough way to remove them, and even if there was, it would be impossible to clear out the entire hive and ensure that others donít just take their place. Itís only a hassle when they start wandering around inside the house - Iím not keen on standing on dead bees, as you still get stung. The dogs eat them though. Not sure why they donít swell up, but in a previous house the dog I had then would also snap at bees flying past and swallow them. Maybe itís a Great Dane thing.

There are plenty of bees around here - many bee keepers wonít even remove a swarm from the roof because itís more hassle than itís worth and they can fill enough hives just by leaving them outside in late summer when the bees swarm. I did look into bee keeping once, and decided that my other hobbies wouldnít allow me the time to do it justice, and I wasnít going to buy all the gear for a half hearted effort that yielded maybe a bottle of honey a year. Ironically, since then Iíve lived with bees either in the roof, the floor or trees in the garden.

All of which reminds me, I need to check on my antihistamine stocks, just in case.

1281668.  Thu Apr 19, 2018 6:52 am Reply with quote

Read that as antihistamine socks - now there's a hole in the market!

1281684.  Thu Apr 19, 2018 10:43 am Reply with quote

..... that needs darning?

1281728.  Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:28 pm Reply with quote

I had a pal with a german shepherd who would chase bees around the pool and grab them and was regularly walking about with a swollen bee stung face. She had to be the dumbest gs I've ever encounted.

She also had a polydactyl rescue cat who loved to lie in your arms on his back, while you stroked him, ferociously sucking a toe. If you tried to move the toe away, it would be sucked at double time and become a major competition of strength.

I have had some very odd experiences with my feral cats. One young female I caught and took in to the vet was desexed and at the vet for 3 days. She came home but I didn't shut her in properly and she escaped.

That night, she screamed like she was being murdered and I rushed out and she was crouching , softly growling as tho to say I am trusting you. Don't you dare let me down, and she had brought me a newborn kitten.

At 11pm exactly the same thing and at 830ish the next night, a third kitten.

If I only had 1 question I could ask on my death bed, I think ot would be to her and it would be WHY - Tell me what you were thinking.

They weren't hers. I caught her young. She had never had kittens. The vet confirmed it.


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