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Dukes II

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Frederick The Monk
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TOPIC: Dukes

QUESTION: What's a 'Holstein Frenzy'?

FORFEIT: What happens when you run out of lager.

ANSWER: the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp's idea of a good time.

NOTES: CHARLES XII of Sweden (1682 - 1718) was a sincerely pious and self-disciplined man, Spartan in living and despising luxury. BUT on the occasions of the visits to Stockhom of his kinsman, the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, Charles would let his hair down. The Duke first came to Sweden of the occasion of his marriage to Charles’s favourite sister, Princess Hedwig Sophia. For the first time Charles abandoned his self-restraint, resulting in such acts of destruction and cruelty that this part of his reign was known as the “Holstein Frenzy.”

Several times the King and Duke rode full gallop through the forests until they killed their horses. They coursed a hare in the senate house. Bored at dinner, they smashed the glasses and plates, then the furniture, throwing the pieces through the windows. They broke all the benches in the palace church so that for the service the following day the congregation had to stand. The climax was reached in the palace apartments when they vied with each other to test the sharpness of their swords and their skill in handling them by executing sheep, dogs, calves and goats, and hurling the heads out of windows onto passers-by. They played this game until the floors and staircase were soaked with blood.

Ian Grey - Peter the Great
R M Hatton - Charles XII of Sweden



POSSIBLE TOPIC/THEME: Drunkeness/ Dukes/Death sentences


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