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Honey badgers don't follow guides?

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1051118.  Sun Jan 26, 2014 10:02 am Reply with quote

Honey badgers were in 1785 supposedly seen to follow the honeyguide to bee hives. A lovely symbiosis where the badger (perhaps more closely related to a weasel) would tear open the hive and eat honey and the guide would pick up the leftovers. But in the Disney film Animals Are Beautiful People, a stuffed guide is waggled in front of the badger on a fishing line because, just as with the lemmings-suicide myth, the filmmakers couldn't get the animals to exhibit this behaviour.

Honey guides do lead humans to beehives but it's perhaps more likely that the bird is simply taking refuge in a tree above a hive for protection.

I would also guess the badger is actually - just like a bear - more interested in the protein-rich larvae than the honey.


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