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Qi, or chi.
One of the earliest known methods of diagnosis in Chinese medicine was reading the flow of Qi through the meridians and organs. This was done be sensing the energy flow with the hands, fingers, and eyes.

This is still a major technique, and can be accomplished by holding a meridian end point at a given subject's finger or toe, and passing the free hand over the path of the meridian and the corresponding organ. Any changes in the Qi flow indicate an imbalance in relation to the anatomic position where the change occurred, or in the organ. Some practitioners hold the right finger or toe of a female and the left hand or toe of the male.


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The word Qi is acceptable in Scrabble.

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Commander - You can delete the dupe thread by going "edit" and then ticking the delete box. When you've done that, I'll come back and delete this message and then Jenny need never know what you did to her forum.

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Aha! Too late.... I've done it for you.

i <flexes moderator muscles>

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Was there a dupe thread? Oops!


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