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1051507.  Tue Jan 28, 2014 6:25 am Reply with quote

I'm sure there are plenty of fans here of The Unbelievable Truth, the Radio 4 panel game presented by David Mitchell - a sort of rival to QI in some ways. As I was listening yesterday I wondered if it was possible to devise a forum game based on the same idea of trying to spot truths amongst lies.

Here's my attempt. The rules may need tweaking after a couple of rounds but I think the basic idea is OK. (EDIT at 16:41 09/02/2014 - the latest version of the rules is at post 1054650.)

(1) A subject is chosen for the round. Players take it in turns to post statements on that subject, which should normally be untrue. However, at any stage a player can post a true statement instead.
(2) If a player believes an earlier statement to be true, then instead of posting another statement he or she can post a challenge in the form "I believe post X" (where X is the post number), or "I believe X" (where X is the poster and this is unambiguous). If possible, this should be confirmed with a link to a reputable source containing the information.
(3) If the challenge is confirmed as correct, the challenger wins the round and can choose the subject for the next round. If it is incorrect, the challenger cannot post again in that round.
(4) All challenges must take place within three posts of the original claim. If three posts go by without a challenge to a true statement, then the poster of the true statement should reveal it to be true by posting a link to a reputable source. In this case that player wins the round and chooses the subject for the next round.
(5) If a player unknowingly posts a truth after another truth has been posted, the earlier truth takes precedence. (E.g. A posts truth, B posts truth, C challenges B, B confirms; A can still claim a win.)

Let's give it a go. The first subject is vegetables.

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1051720.  Tue Jan 28, 2014 5:39 pm Reply with quote

Carrots are naturally yellow. They're only made orange to fit with the general perception of carrots.

1051740.  Tue Jan 28, 2014 9:12 pm Reply with quote

Whether yellow or orange, I don't carrot all for them.

1051760.  Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:46 am Reply with quote

I believe zomgmouse:

"The first cultivated carrots exhibited purple or yellow roots. Carrot cultivation spread to Spain in the 1100s via the Middle East and North Africa. In Europe, genetic improvement led to a wide variety of cultivars. White and orange-coloured carrots were first described in Western Europe in the early 1600s." Cites

Banga, O. 1963. Main types of the western carotene carrot and their origin. W. E. J. Tjeenk
Banga, O., 1963: Origin and distribution of the western cultivated carrot. - Genetica Agraria 17, 357-370

1051783.  Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:18 am Reply with quote

Shit, I had no idea. I genuinely made that up.

1051794.  Wed Jan 29, 2014 5:40 am Reply with quote

was carotene originally purple, then?

should margarine and many other synthetically coloured foods actually be pale purple?

would the purple carrots have had a carotene that was the precursor to vitamin A? would they have helped vision?

1051945.  Wed Jan 29, 2014 9:12 am Reply with quote

Carrots are naturally yellow. They're only made orange to fit with the general perception of carrots.

Apekool (monkey's cabbage). You clearly made this up. As if corn is a yellow vegetable. To quote his source:

Wasting time wrote:
Carrots do not have to be orange. As a matter of fact, the orange carrot is a relative newcomer on the scene. Carrots were originally either purple or white.

Purple or white isn't yellow. He's about to screw up the 4th thread, unless this was an attempt to add another wrong answer to the list of wrong answers.

1051976.  Wed Jan 29, 2014 10:20 am Reply with quote

was carotene originally purple, then?

Old purple + old white = new orange = origin of the name carotene?

Old purple = high concentration of carotene? Old white = no, or a low concentration of, carotene?

It doesn't really matter, zomgmouse said carrots are naturally yellow and are made orange.

1052115.  Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:41 am Reply with quote

OK, so the site said that the first cultivated carrots were purple or yellow, not that carrots are naturally yellow. So zomgmouse's statement was false, so my challenge was incorrect. Under rule (3) I have to sit out the rest of this round.

Next statement please?

1052620.  Fri Jan 31, 2014 2:34 pm Reply with quote

Apparently tomatoes are going to become purple...

1052640.  Fri Jan 31, 2014 5:21 pm Reply with quote

Well they might if you paint them, so I dare say that may be true.

1052707.  Sat Feb 01, 2014 3:26 am Reply with quote

[Posting as adjudicator rather than player]

Well it's certainly true according to the BBC:

I'd give that round to zomgmouse.

1052737.  Sat Feb 01, 2014 7:13 am Reply with quote

Additionally, there are apparently non-GM fruit already available:

Perhaps without the added antioxidants...

1052782.  Sat Feb 01, 2014 11:09 am Reply with quote

OK, zomgmouse to choose the next subject then please.

1052861.  Sat Feb 01, 2014 5:42 pm Reply with quote

How about animals?


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