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36050.  Tue Nov 29, 2005 1:52 pm Reply with quote

Question: What do feminists do?
n.b. this is a quite rubbish attempt at a question, in order to get the following piece of general ignorance in.

I don’t recall this having been mentioned before?

There is apparently no documentary evidence of a feminist ever burning a bra. The whole myth comes from a heinous report of the 1968 Miss America pageant.

New York Post reporter Lindsy Van Gelder was the guilty party, confessing to her role in creating the myth in a 1992 article in Ms. magazine

“I mentioned high in the story that the protesters were planning to burn bras, girdles and other items in a freedom trash can”

“The headline writer took it a step further,” Van Gelder said, “and called them ‘bra-burners.’”

She claims that this was mentioned in a press announcement, however Robin Morgan, the organiser of the demonstration has since denied this. Either way, Eyewitness accounts and television coverage of the protest show that nothing was burned at the protest, but lazy journalists took up Van Gelder’s story and a monster was born.

Within just a few days, the myth was appearing as fact in news articles. For instance, a Washington Post article on the efforts of members of the National Women’s Liberation Group to save a historic building identified the women as having “burned undergarments during a demonstration at the Miss America contest in Atlantic City recently.”

So there you go, not only GI, but a myth born by anti-QI-ness, journalists not checking sources. I like the story, if it hasn’t been mentioned before, but I think the question is pretty weak.


And surprise, surprise, a quick search has shown that snopes has the whole thing covered.

49959.  Thu Feb 09, 2006 10:06 am Reply with quote

I did a ‘Mythchaser’ on this a few years ago, and therefore have a small file on it, if needed.

Frederick The Monk
55528.  Sun Feb 26, 2006 5:28 am Reply with quote

Link to/from post 51091


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