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Deadly Dining

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Frederick The Monk
61166.  Tue Mar 21, 2006 7:26 am Reply with quote

Question: This game is called mushroom roulette - each panellist chooses (hypothetically) one of the following mushrooms from our toadstool smorgasbord. Who's the lucky survivor?

The treats on offer are:
Death Cap

Destroying Angel

Trumpet of Death

Peppery White Milk Cap

Forfeits: Fatal forfeits for those who picked Death Cap, Destroying Angel or Peppery White Milk Cap.

Answer: The lucky winner is whoever chooses 'Trumpet of Death' - a delicious and highly edible mushroom which gets its name from its shape and colour - trumpet shaped and black. The other three are probably dead.

WARNING: Never eat a wild mushroom unless you are absolutely sure you know it is safe. Always pick wild mushrooms in the company of a qualified expert.

Death Cap (Amanita phalloides) is the mushroom is responsible for the vast majority of fatalities. It contains two types of toxins spread throughout the mushroom thallus: phallotoxins (phalloidin, phalloin, phallisin, phallicidin) and amatoxins (amanitin, amanin, amanullin). The toxin most responsible for the deadly effects of the Death Cap is alpha-amanitin. The poison particularly affects the liver and kidneys; frequently the only treatment for death cap poisoning is liver transplant. It is estimated that 50 grams (2 oz) of this mushroom are enough to kill a human. One of the reasons for the number of fatalities is that Death Cap tastes lovely so victims often eat a large quantity before feeling a bit ill.

Pope Clement VII (Giulio di Giuliano de Medici NOT the anti-Pope Clement VII - that was someone completely different) died from eating the death cap mushroom. Unusually for a Pope he was illegitimate and had an illegitimate son. Well, not that unusually really, not for then...

Destroying Angel (Amanita virosa, A. bisporigera, A. verna, and A. ocreata) contains the deadly poison alpha-amanatin. Symptoms do not appear for 6-24 hours, when the toxins may already be absorbed and the damage (destruction of liver and kidney tissue) done. There are no known antidotes to its poison.

The Peppery White Milk Cap mushroom (Lactarius piperatus) gets it's name 'peppery' from its hot taste. This tate is a sign things are about to go rather wrong for the consumer. The mushroom contains an irritant resin which can produce severe or even fatal gastric enteritis.

The delicious Trumpet of Death, also known as the Black Chanterelle (Craterellus cornucopioides) mushroom gets its name from it’s dark, trumpet shaped fruiting body, but has a wonderful nutty flavour. It is also known as the ‘Horn of Plenty' mushroom.

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Destroying Angel

Death Cap

Trumpets of Death

Peppery White Milk Cap

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Frederick The Monk
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