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(Expanded from Jenny's earlier material)

What food are Quaker's associated with?

F: Oats

Answer: Chocolates

Fans of the famous American food company would be forgiven for thinking that it was connected to the Quakers, or Society of Friends. After all, the conglomerate’s logo is a cheery – and well fed – chap in dour, antiquated clothing. In this case, appearances are deceiving. The company, which was founded in 1901, was named after the Quakers, as they were perceived as being honest, and transparent in their dealings. However Quaker Oats have no practical affiliation to the religious group at all.
This has caused some controversy amongst The Society of Friends, who believe that the company’s name has caused confusion amongst the public, and that it does not conform to their code of ethics.
One of the greatest examples of the ethical divide between the company and the Friends occurred in the 1940s and 1950s when researchers from Quaker Oats, and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) conducted experiments to understand how nutrients from cereals traveled through the body.
Parents of retarded children at the Walter E. Fernald State School (formerly known as the Massachusetts School for Idiotic Children) were asked to let their kids become members of a special science club. As part of the science club, the children would be put on a diet high in nutrients, and taken to baseball games. What was not made clear, however, was that the food the children were given was laced with iron and radioactive calcium. The company was later sued because of the experiments and agreed to pay out $1.85 million to over 100 participants on December 31st 1997.
Although they haven’t gone into the cereal business, many Quaker families – like the Cadburys, Rowntrees and Frys – went into chocolate manufacturing. Part of the explanation for this trend was that Quakers couldn’t go to university or hold public office as they were not members of the state church, so they went into business instead. Proof once, again, that schooling can be such a waste of time…


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