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Dibbing and Dobbing

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Frederick The Monk
54262.  Wed Feb 22, 2006 5:43 am Reply with quote

TOPIC: Dibs and Dobs

QUESTION: What goes 'Dib Dib Dib'?

FORFEIT: a scout/a cub

ANSWER: Nothing these days. Until 1967 Cubs (never Scouts) said Dyb Dyb Dyb Dyb (4 dybs not three) but abandoned it in the 1966 Chief Scout's Advance Party review.

Which brings us on to the supplemental question: What does a cub intend to do when he promises to dyb or dob?

Do Your Best
Do Our Best

And finally, Can you spell 'Dyb'?


Now would be an excellent time for Alan (or everyone) to demonstrate the original "Grand Howl" just to make sure we get it right next time:

The cry was part of the original Wolf Cub opening ceremony or "Grand Howl" made by the Duty Sixer before the rest of the pack replied Dob Dob Dob.

Start squatted hands between feet
All Cubs: Ah--kay-la!--We-e-e-e-ll do-o-o-o o-o-u-u-r BEST.
Spring to feet with two fingers of each hand pointing upwards at each side of head, to look like two wolf's ears.
Leading Cub: Dyb -- dyb -- dyb -- dyb (Meaning Do Your Best)
After the fourth 'dyb' each Cub drops his left hand smartly to his side, and spreads his fingers into the salute with his right hand, and squeals
All Cubs: We-e-ell
and barks
All Cubs: Dob -- dob -- dob -- dob (Meaning Do Our Best)
On the fourth 'dob' each Cub drops his right hand smartly to his side, and is now standing at the alert waiting for further orders.

Although the Chief Scout's Advance Party lessened the Links with the Jungle Book, it was viewed that the Grand Howl should stay, but the mysterious DYBs and DOBs should go. The new format runs:

On the leaders signal (raising and lowering arms), the Cubs squat down, hands between feet.
All Cubs: Akela, we'll do our BEST.
Spring to feet
Leading Cub: Salutes Cubs! Do your BEST
All Cubs: Salute We WILL do our BEST
And the leader takes the salute

LINKS TO: Doggerel/ Duckspeak/ Double Dutch/




Frederick The Monk
62697.  Thu Mar 30, 2006 6:10 am Reply with quote

Updated 30/03/06


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