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dr bartolo
1000692.  Thu May 30, 2013 11:27 am Reply with quote

Amongst the very large collection of lyrics written for this famous tune, Certanly one of the most curious comes from John newbury's Mother goose's melody. In its preface, it tells of how lullabies have been used to satirical ends, and illustrates this with an example from the time of Hen. V. When harry led his troops to france, he composed a march to lead his troops. However, a parody was quickly constructed, running thus:


There was an old woman toss'd in a blanket,
Seventeen times as high as the moon ;
But where she was going no mortal could tell,
For under her arm she carried a broom.
Old woman, old woman, old woman, faid I ?
Whither, ah whither, ah whither so high ?
To sweep we cobwebs from the skye,
And Ill be 'with you by and by*

[ the book continues with and explanation]

Here the king is represented a ? an old woman, engaged in a pursuit the most absurd and extravagant imaginable but when he had routed the whole French army at the battle of Agincourt

The dissenters then composed another verse to praise him, to the sme tune:

So vast is the prowes of Harry the Great,
He'll pluck a hair from the pale-fac'd moon ;
Or a lion familiarly take by the tooth,
And lead him about as you lead a baboon

All princes and potentates under the sun,
Through fear into corners and holes away run;
While nor dangers nor dread his swift progress retards,
For he deals about kingdoms as we do our cards

The king then commented that "the flattery of the last is more insulting than the imprudence of the first"- so there

Rosette Bravo
1115129.  Thu Jan 29, 2015 2:42 am Reply with quote

Lazy Betty is also the name given to that cord which hangs down from a switch on the ceiling over the bed to save you getting out of bed to switch the light on and off.



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