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Spud McLaren
998233.  Tue May 21, 2013 1:02 pm Reply with quote

Not obvious as a K-subject, but bear with me. It may migrate...

I was looking at the website for The Devil's Arse, or Peak Cavern,as it was rechristened in order to avoid upsetting the visiting Queen Vic. This website claims the "the Castleton cave was home to Britain's last troglodytes [...] until about 1915". However, the caves at Kinver in Staffordshire were inhabited until their last occupant left in 1955, as also attested by Wiki.

Anyone know of any more recent cavedwellings in the UK?

1067630.  Sat Apr 05, 2014 11:43 pm Reply with quote

Not in the UK, but...

I had 3 pet hens & a rooster, who come inside, & sleep inside. 2 hens died & the last hen blames ME. The rooster is kind, but always wanting sex. She has retired to the attached garage, & avoids being caught, by running under furniture.

When I DO catch her, I take her outside, put her under a bush, so Gerry can't jump her, but next day, she's back in the dim garage.

I fear she's had a breakdown & has embraced some strange troglodyte faith. I now have to leave her extra food IN the garage, in case she spends the WHOLE day there, so she doesn't die. I don't want to get more hens, in case they bully & kill her. Now Gerry spends half his day in the dim light, trying to convince her to come out from underneath the huge sideboard, so he can ravish her.

I thought hens would be lovely. They never laid, but until I rescued Gerry, we were all so happy, but it's near impossible 2 get a home for a senior rooster, that doesn't involve neckwringing & feeding 2 dogs.

So now, I have a troglodyte hen. What ALSO peeves me, is when I take her outside & put her under the bush, to be safe from Gerry, she freezes & squats, as tho I want sex with her as well! I'm human & female & frankly, I resent the implied perversion. Off I stomp, crossly...

"In your dreams, you mad old scrag..."

Still not an answer you wanted, but a number of early Oz settlers used caves.

IN the UK, IF I remember correctly

I saw, I THINK, in an enjoyable Ruby Wax series, 20/25? years ago, about seeking out the most eccentric people other people know, that she interviewed an eccentric man with a title, who painted, (NOT the Longleat fellow. Thynne)? Another chap, who DID have an official hermit on his grounds for some years & I THINK, lived in caves, alone, somewhere on the estate.

but normal family life in caves, in UK, Not heard of, recently.

1069629.  Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:03 am Reply with quote

Just mentioned on news, today, a Norwegian teen girl has just spent a year living in cave, for planet. Not what U really wanted, but thought I'd do my best 2 b helpful


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