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Darling (Grace)

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Frederick The Monk
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TOPIC: Darling (Grace)

What made Northumbrian Lighthouse heroine Grace Darling go bald?

FORFEIT: A shock/ a razor/ joining a skinhead gang

Admirers. She became such a celebrity after her and her father's dramatic rescue of 9 of the crew of the SS Forfarshire in 1838 that the requests for a lock of her hair outstripped the rate at which it could grow. Her sister feared she would have to buy a wig.

Grace Darling was the daughter of a lighthouse keeper on the Farne Islands, off the coast of Northumberland, on a particualrly treacherous part of the coast.

On 6 September 1838, a violent storm drove the SS Forfarshire onto the Big Harcar rocks, ¾ of a mile from the Darlings’ Longstone Lighthouse. Out of approximately 60 crew and passengers on board, nine escaped using the vessel’s lifeboat, of the rest, nine survived by clinging to rocks.

At dawn on 7th September, grace noticed the survivors clinging to the rock and called her father, William. In the absence of any of Mr. Darling’s sons, Grace agreed to accompanied him in their tiny boat across the still boiling sea to the rocks in a bid to save these stranded survivors. As her father leapt onto the rocks to assess the priority of the survivors, Grace rowed the boat back and forth, keeping it clear of the treacherous rocks.

Eventually William and Grace managed to remove all nine surivors from the rocks and bring them back to their lighthouse. The survivors, four crewmen and five passengers, remained on Longstone Lighthouse for three days until returning to the mainland when the storm subsided. Grace was 23 years old at the time. She died just four years later, in her father's arm, of consumption.


PICTURES/ PROPS: Should be plenty of 19th cntury heroic engravings.



Frederick The Monk
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