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Cospaia - the lost "San Marino"

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The little republic was created by mistake but lasted nearly four centuries. The Papacy owed the Grand Duke of Florence 25,000 ducats and to pay off the debt sold the town of Borgo San Sepolcro and its surrounding district to Florence in 1440. A Treaty specified that the boundary should be established at Rio. The description was vague and the boundaries adopted by the Papal States and Florence left a tranche of land and the village of Cospaia stateless.

Locals declared a republic and the two states could not agree so left the tiny republic to its own devices. It was to become a tax haven for tobacco and later a centre for smuggling. Perceived as lawless the little republic lost its independence in 1826 when Tuscany and the Papacy agreed to partition and absorb the Republic. Who knows if it had lasted a little longer, like San Marino it could have escaped Italian unification. The links below give more detail of Cospaia and other small states in the Italian region.


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