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During one of the great scares about Irish terrorism in the early 1880s, “there were reports from America that hundreds of revolutionists there had formed a secret society, the Knights of Hassan-ben-Sabbah-el-Homari, named after the original founder [sic] of the hashish-smoking assassins of eleventh-century Persia. [...] the Knights were preparing to sail the Atlantic and begin their campaigns in Britain. [...] ‘Dynamite will be deposited in the coffins in Windsor,’ one anonymous correspondent from Chicago reported to the British consulate, ‘and blown up with an electric battery when the Queen is staying there.’”

Source: ‘Sherlock Holmes the Unauthorised Biography,’ by Nick Rennison (Atlantic, 2005)

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The first terrorist bomb attack on the London Underground took place on 30th October 1883; dynamite was used; scores were injured.

Source: British Transport Police at


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