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K fetishes

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978397.  Sun Mar 03, 2013 4:34 pm Reply with quote

Kleptophilia - The act of becoming sexually aroused by stealing objects. This is different from kleptomania, in the way that kleptomaniacs usually have uncontrollable urges to steal what they don't need. A kleptophile prefers stealing fetish items and will have an orgasm either while stealing them or later by fondling the objects. For instance, a person with a panty fetish will steal ladies' underwear and one with a hair fetish may come up behind a woman, cut her hair and flee. Men with shoe fetishes have sometimes accosted women and fled with their shoes (this happened with Quagmire in an episode of Family Guy for instance). Kleptophiles don't however always have a particular fetish and may be sufficed stealing from stores while others may only want objects already worn by another person.

Klismaphilia - Sexual arousal via enemas. This practice dates back to the ancient Egyptians, who used enemas for relief of constipation and believed all sicknesses were caused by a buildup of toxic wastes in the body. The French revived this belief and thought the act to improve one's complexion and cure impotence.
I think it came up in a previous QI episode that tobacco enemas were used to revive people who had fallen in the Thames river.

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Tobacco smoke enemas, as I recall, applied with a certain implement which Stephen produced.


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