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Wolfs and flees

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978055.  Sat Mar 02, 2013 1:42 pm Reply with quote

Awhile back I was talking to my buddy about my dogs flee problem and he told me about how wild wolfs control their fleas. First the wolf gathers a tuff of it's fur and holds it in it's mouth. Then it slowly starts walking into a body of water. The fleas keep moving up the wolfs body to the dry area. Eventually the wolf goes deep enough into the water that it's snout is the only part above water so the fleas move onto the tuff of hair and after a couple of minutes the wolf flicks the hair tuff out of it's mouth and no longer has a flee problem.
I grew up in a house that believed animals have no intelligence or feelings and they were only put here for the benefit of man kind. But I think the wolf thing proves animals can be quite cleave and I have seen many examples of how deep an animals feeling's can go. As far as animals being put here just for the benefit of man kind I think it's like believing that there is no such thing as aliens because man kind is so special. Cheers and happy weekend!

Spud McLaren
978078.  Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:27 pm Reply with quote

It's true that animals are not daft. You only have to look at humans to see that.

978092.  Sat Mar 02, 2013 5:31 pm Reply with quote

Because of the their diets, some breeds of wolves and wild dogs (as well as other animals with fur) don't have persistent flea problems, so that when they do have fleas it's easy enough to get rid of.

It's not unusual to see animals holding a stick in their mouths and slowly entering a pond or lake, so that the fleas jump onto the stick (similar to the idea of holding onto a tuft of fur).

This wouldn't work as well on some breeds, especially domesticated animals, because the fleas have evolved differently as well.


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