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Togo is a tropical country in West Africa of approximately 6.6 million (est 2009) with a land area of 56,785km2. Its capital is Lomé and its official language is French. There are over 40 different ethnic groups in the country, the dominant group are the Ewe who make up 32% of the population. Approximately 50% of the population follow indigenous beliefs, 30% are Christian and 20% are Islamic. Since independence Togo was under military rule for many years. Elections took place from 2005 and again in 2010 and are due to be held on 24th March 2013 (strikes permitting). Togo's main exports are Coffee, Gold, Coffee and Phosphates.

The German Protectorate of Togoland in West Africa lasted from 1884 to 1905 when it became a colony. It was established on the coast and gradually extended inland.

In 1914 Togoland was occupied by British and French forces and placed under military rule and the territory was later divided into separate British (western) and French (eastern) administrative zones. In 1922 the territory was formally separated into British Togoland and French Togoland later to become United Nations trust territories (1946). The French administered Togo jointly with Dahomey (now called Benin) from 1934 to 1936 and as an administrative unit of French West Africa from 1936 to 1946.

In Gold Coast Kwame Nkrumah's call for independence included a campaign to unify Togo with Ghana and an All-Ewe Conference, based in the Gold Coast, and the Comite de l'Unite Togolaise (CUT) argued before the UN Trusteeship Council in 1947 for the reunification of French and British Togoland. Some Ewe called for the unification of all Ewe territories, including those in the Gold Coast. The French blocked this fearing it would eliminate their influence in the region.

French Togoland gained independence in 1960 and is now the République Togolaise. British Togoland followed a different path. A referendum was organised in May 1956 to decide the future of the territory. A majority voted to merge the territory with the then British colony of Gold Coast (despite Ewe opposition). The two territories were formally merged in December 1956, and as Ghana became independent in March 1957. British Togoland is now most of the Volta Region of Ghana.

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Togo is also the setting for that infamous play, Telmah, with that wonderful soliloquy, "Togo, or not Togo, that is the question..."

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Take-away food was invented in the country wasn't it?

Food Togo

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In Togo there is much debate about the Free Press. Although not exactly like the UK some of the principles discussed echo many of the issues raised by Leveson.


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