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Dead Marines

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Frederick The Monk
51090.  Tue Feb 14, 2006 8:58 am Reply with quote

TOPIC: Dead Marines

QUESTION: Name a fun thing to do with a Dead Marine?
Why would you want to shoot a dead marine?

FORFEIT: @*!& him

ANSWER: Fill him up again/ Put him up against a wall and shoot him.
For target practise - it's just a empty bottle.

NOTES: In naval parlance a 'dead marine' is an empty bottle. The Royal Navy says there are two possible derivations.

a/. The term was first employed by William IV (known as 'The Sailor King') when Duke of Clarence at a dinner onboard ship. During this meal he ordered the steward to 'remove the dead marines'. When a live marine he was having dinner with asked what he meant he replied that he was referring to the empty bottles which, like marines, had nobly done their duty and were ready to do it again.

b/. An alternative derivation comes from the animosity between the Navy and the Marines- The R.N. seaman says that like an empty bottle a marine is of no use to anyone, and if dropped over the side in the position of attention would float upright because of the size of his boots. The marine's retort is that like an empty bottle he is always ready for duty again.

LINKS TO: Death/ drinking/ drunk/ derogatory remarks

William P. Mack and Royal W. Cannell titled Naval Ceremonies, Customs, and Traditions on page 246.




Frederick The Monk
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