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960725.  Fri Jan 04, 2013 11:42 pm Reply with quote

Although I can hardly provide a lucid description of this man's accomplishments, I feel he definitely deserves a mention here. Although Saul Kripke has only an undergraduate degree in mathematics, he has become one of the most influential contemporary logicians as well as philosophers of language.

He has worked on these, as well as other topics (epistemology, philosophy of math), and, according to the not-entirely-trustworthy Wikipedia, began publishing in his teens.

I'm hardly knowledgable about this, but I know he has worked on modal logic, and the theories of naming and belief.

He seems like a fascinating person, even if the symbolic logic aspects of his work currently send me, trembling, into the darkest corner available.

I find him extremely difficult to listen to, though!

I can't find all that much info via the internet, so here's the embarrassing truth: I got it from Wikipedia!


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