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Deceit and Falsehood

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47838.  Thu Jan 26, 2006 10:29 am Reply with quote

Introduction, from 'As You Like It' V 4

But, for the seventh cause; how did you find the
quarrel on the seventh cause?

Upon a lie seven times removed:--bear your body more
seeming, Audrey:--as thus, sir. I did dislike the
cut of a certain courtier's beard: he sent me word,
if I said his beard was not cut well, he was in the
mind it was: this is called the Retort Courteous.
If I sent him word again 'it was not well cut,' he
would send me word, he cut it to please himself:
this is called the Quip Modest. If again 'it was
not well cut,' he disabled my judgment: this is
called the Reply Churlish. If again 'it was not
well cut,' he would answer, I spake not true: this
is called the Reproof Valiant. If again 'it was not
well cut,' he would say I lied: this is called the
Counter-cheque Quarrelsome: and so to the Lie
Circumstantial and the Lie Direct.

And how oft did you say his beard was not well cut?

I durst go no further than the Lie Circumstantial,
nor he durst not give me the Lie Direct; and so we
measured swords and parted.

Can you nominate in order now the degrees of the lie?

O sir, we quarrel in print, by the book; as you have
books for good manners: I will name you the degrees.
The first, the Retort Courteous; the second, the
Quip Modest; the third, the Reply Churlish; the
fourth, the Reproof Valiant; the fifth, the
Countercheque Quarrelsome; the sixth, the Lie with
Circumstance; the seventh, the Lie Direct. All
these you may avoid but the Lie Direct; and you may
avoid that too, with an If. I knew when seven
justices could not take up a quarrel, but when the
parties were met themselves, one of them thought but
of an If, as, 'If you said so, then I said so;' and
they shook hands and swore brothers. Your If is the
only peacemaker; much virtue in If.

Is not this a rare fellow, my lord? he's as good at
any thing and yet a fool.

He uses his folly like a stalking-horse and under
the presentation of that he shoots his wit.

Can we together derive a list of lies contemporary, as uttered by sundry public figures? For example, the 'Rendition' lie uttered by Condoleeza Rice was not 'a lie Direct', but what was it? One of my favourites is the "There is no evidence that....." lie.

47896.  Thu Jan 26, 2006 3:42 pm Reply with quote

"We know that the Iraqis have Weapons of Mass Destruction. We even know where they are - somewhere near Baghdad."

I paraphrase, but this is the Lie Rumsfeld.

47903.  Thu Jan 26, 2006 4:13 pm Reply with quote

Jenny wrote:
"We know that the Iraqis have Weapons of Mass Destruction. We even know where they are - somewhere near Baghdad."

I paraphrase, but this is the Lie Rumsfeld.

There was only the one?

47936.  Thu Jan 26, 2006 8:47 pm Reply with quote

There was only the one?

No, there is a brand new one today.

In response to the notion, including a report commissioned by the Pentagon, that the US Army is stretched beyond its operational limits because of Iraq and Afghanistan, Rummy Dumsfeld said that it wasn't stretched at all, and by justification said there are over 1.4 million active US troops .... and 2 million if National Guard and Army Reserves are included. The NG and AR back up the Army.

The real size of the US Army? 482,000 to 499,000 active troops, and another 700,000 NG & AR, or 1.2 million.

Disingenuous Dumsfeld inflated the numbers by 800,000 to 900,000 in his stretched attempt to discredit the report writers. He likely included Marines, Navy and Air Force personnel in his inflated count. This would be consummate 'deceit and falsehood' as the reports were specifically about the Army.

There are about 190,000 Army troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea and Bosnia, plus tens of thousands of others in Japan, Germany and a host of other countries. The combined effects of the need for backup troop personnel based in the US, plus units being trained, plus troop rotation nightmares, plus new enlistment difficulties, makes the reports believable, and Dumsfeld a weasel.


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