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959105.  Fri Dec 28, 2012 8:39 am Reply with quote

KELLY is the name of one of many intersections of airways, which are the 'flight corridors' civil aircraft are supposed to follow as they wend their way about the world. More information here:
The intersections are invisible fixed points in virtual radio/radar space, and will show on navigation display instruments.
Each intersection has a five letter name, which should make a pronounceable word; these names quite often point to a particular place, or to some association with that place; for example, a few in the English Channel are BOGNA BENBO HAWKE DRAKE BEECH, a couple near the Isle of Wight are NEDUL and KATHY (should be CATHY, but that is applied to other places with similar associations).
Your task is to deduce where KELLY is located
"Kelly from the Isle of Man"

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I think that should be NEDUL not NEEDUL. whited.

50 31' 14N 1 19' 60W

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Efros wrote:
I think that should be NEDUL not NEEDUL. whited.

50 31' 14N 1 19' 60W

done it


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