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Kynodesme and Koteka

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942844.  Mon Oct 01, 2012 4:47 am Reply with quote

I believe we already had the kynodesme in the G for Greeks series. For the benefit of late arrivals, the kynodesme was a leather strip worn by some Greek athletes to restrain the penis and prevent exposure of the glans.

A koteka is a phallocarp or penis sheath worn by some groups in Papua New Guinea. It is made from a dried gourd and help in place by a string around the scrotum and another one around the abdomen. The style and design are typical of particualr tribes but, contrary to what some people (i.e: YOU) might think, they are used as covering and are not sexual ornaments.

Here is an interesting description of the koteka:

A traditional clothing that is possible for you is very strange. but this is the uniqueness of Indonesia. all cultures are very different. of the customary dress. namely Koteka an outfit that may not resemble the clothing as it only protects the genital area. In Papua tool is only used by men only. whereas women are not at all

Accessories Papuan man as well as contraception made from bone or tanduk.Pihak Koteka Malaysia claims that coming from Malaysia and has been patented by U.S. patent pending number 89766610. with the development of the times, Koteka undergone many changes. Now there are made of titanium, as exhibited by the model D & G on houte couture in Paris some time ago. The event was protested by Dato 'Panguasa Nature, Malaysian Ambassador to France because they have not asked for permission to display and change the standard size in diameter Koteka malaysia ie 1 cm to 5 cm.

Koteka originally used to protect the male genitalia from sun, rain, and mosquito bites and tiger. The development of political science was able to refine a new functionality such koteka; to withstand radiation of radioactive substances, as an automatic charger, as well as enlarging the items in the dalamnya.

It goes on at some length but you get the idea.

The word "koteka" is now sometimes applied to the group of tribes in the PNG highlands that wear them but this is a new development.

Spud McLaren
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djgordy wrote:

That's a sawn-off krumhorn, isn't it?


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