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Injustice to Train Travellers

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939697.  Sun Sep 16, 2012 7:25 pm Reply with quote

Hi all,

Just watched the Injustice episode on Dave tonight and there are a couple of points to do with train travel that I would like to raise.

Second class travel on Britain's railways, although mostly eliminated by the early years of the 20th century was retained by at least the Southern Railway (and I think the Southern Region of British Railways until relatively recently) on some of the Continental Boat Trains to and from the Channel ferry ports. This was because the French Railways had a second class and there was a need to be able to book through tickets.

The various "tricks" reported as being used by the railway companies to discourage third class travel are new to me and I would like to know what evidence there was to support these claims. The idea that most commuter trains servicing the London suburbs consisted only of first class accommodation is rather far-fetched IMHO. As far as I am aware there were only a few premier trains - usually the London Scottish expresses which were primarily aimed at business travel that had a large proportion of first-class accommodation but I believe that they still retained a certain amount of third-class accommodation too.

The railway companies have always been businesses and certainly after the first world war were in heavy competition not just between each other but also with increasing numbers of road transport companies and would not survive for very long if they ignored the major and most profitable market sector.



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