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Illumination - Elephant electrocution comment

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932341.  Tue Aug 14, 2012 3:19 pm Reply with quote


Chris Addison made a reference that Thomas Edison electrocuted an elephant and Stephen confirmed that it had something to an execution order.

The major story behind that event was that Edison was trying to discredit Nikola Tesla who had recently invented alternating current- Edison was trying to show how dangerous AC was. Edison was always trying to promote direct current in their bitter rivalry.

Basically Tesla was amazing, and Edison (sadly, and untaught in most history books) was a bit of a scum bag!

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This has been touched on a few times.

Check from post 212379, or post 154032, and post 151999.

More recently, there's post 929244.

Stick around, there's plenty more around :)


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