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The Kobe Formula

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Spud McLaren
942650.  Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:19 am Reply with quote

Q: Why did Kobe cease to be one of the US Navy's main military bases in Japan in 1975?

A: It's not because the government threw them out, not did the local authority - well, not in those terms. It's a form of mental judo, really.

The port of Kobe was used heavily by the U.S. fleet during its postwar occupation, which ended in 1974. Throughout the occupation, U.S. military facilities at Kobe Port were the target of continuous public protest. Public petitions after Kobe's return to Japan culminated in a 18 March 1975 resolution by the city council to prohibit nuclear-armed vessels from entering the port. U.S. policy being to neither confirm nor deny nuclear weapons deployment, this resolution effectively removed the U.S. naval presence from Kobe Port. Amid the presence of nuclear-powered U.S. vessels and concerns that the government allowed nuclear-armed warships into Japanese ports (later confirmed), this resolution became the first major application of the three non-nuclear principles. The strict policy has become known as the "Kobe Formula", and since its inception several thousand Japanese municipalities have adopted similar nuclear-free resolutions. - wiki.

942667.  Sun Sep 30, 2012 10:37 am Reply with quote

I recall West Dunbartonshire Council declaring themselves a "nuclear free zone", which considering their proximity to the Holy Loch, Faslane and RNAD Coulport and the fact they had no control over what was going on there made it purely symbolic.


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