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884365.  Wed Feb 08, 2012 4:34 pm Reply with quote

Two topics in one:
1. Jeep is the name of a character in the 'Popeye' cartoons.
2. Jeep is the name of the WWII military runabout.
Both topics were explored in an earlier series under Fragments
post 332772
There is more to the story of the vehicle Willys Jeep; which was told to me many years ago by a worker at the old MG factory in Abingdon, and I have to do some research to verify the story.
Briefly, the classic Jeep prototype was copied from a model submitted in tender by the British company Austin-Morris, responding to an invitation from the US government for a rugged four-wheel drive runabout for military use. The British model was basically two rear ends of a production Austin Seven bolted together, with an open body.
This was considered so good that the US military passed it on to GM to make a copy, to be submitted by a US company. This was, of course, approved, and the manufacture granted to GM and Ford.
Here is one lengthy version of the history of the Jeep:
This acknowledges the Austin contribution, and incidentally provides a useful footnote regarding the 'Jeep' nickname, going back to WWI.

884372.  Wed Feb 08, 2012 4:59 pm Reply with quote

mckeonj wrote:
1. Jeep is the name of a character in the 'Popeye' cartoons.

Eugene the Jeep!

In the August 9, 1936, strip, headlined "Wha's a Jeep?" Popeye asks Professor Brainstine what exactly a Jeep is. He gets the following response:

"A Jeep is an animal living in a three dimensional world - in this case our world - but really belonging to a fourth dimensional world. Here's what happened. A number of Jeep life cells were somehow forced through the dimensional barrier into our world. They combined at a favorable time with free life cells of the African Hooey Hound. The electrical vibrations of the Hooey Hound cell and the foreign cell were the same. They were kindred cells. In fact, all things are, to some extent, relative, whether they be of this or some other world, now you see. The extremely favorable conditions of germination in Africa caused a fusion of these life cells. So the uniting of kindred cells caused a transmutation. The result, a mysterious strange animal."

When asked if he had any further questions, Popeye, totally unenlightened by this explanation, repeated, "Wha's a Jeep?"

The Jeep's diet consists only of orchids.

from the inevitable Wiki page

Sadurian Mike
884955.  Fri Feb 10, 2012 4:15 pm Reply with quote

The amphibious version of the Jeep was known as the Seep. It was very popular for reconnaissance, especially with the Soviets who had a lot of march and rivers to cross.

Prof Wind Up Merchant
936409.  Fri Aug 31, 2012 12:28 pm Reply with quote

I drove a hired Jeep in the US in July. Quite an experience driving a chunky car in CA.


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