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World Territorial Disputes

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1075572.  Thu May 22, 2014 2:41 am Reply with quote

AlmondFacialBar wrote:
Troux wrote:
Sometimes I do wonder just what these nations are desperate to gain with some of these disputes....

Natural resources usually. Oil, gas, fish, whatever...



You are correct.
In case anyone hasn't picked up a Vietnamese newspaper recently, China decided to send an oil rig out to disputed waters. This resulted in several small battles between ships (blasting water cannons at each other, and several incidents of ramming), large-scale rioting and protests, complete destruction of several Chinese-owned factories (and some Taiwanese-owned...ooooops), at least 21 native Chinese deaths in Vietnam, and now ships being sent from China to rescue its citizens from the widespread chaos. The Vietnamese government has done little to abate the protests and destruction of Chinese property, which is of course seen as tacit support, resulting in some major breakdown of Sino-Viet relations. Frankly, China can afford this battle more than the developing Vietnamese can, which was probably calculated before they sent the ship out.

I don't like to generalize, but I hate China.

1110196.  Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:42 pm Reply with quote

China is currently building an artificial island in the Spratlys to use as a naval patrol base.


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