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David's Sow, Drunk as

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Mr Grue
41172.  Wed Dec 21, 2005 2:20 pm Reply with quote

Cassell's dictionary of slang contains the following phrase and suggested origin:

Drunk as David's Sow
[late 17c+] very drunk. [according to Grose (1785), the phr., which dates at least to Ray's Proverbs (1768), refers to one David Lloyd, a publican of Hereford, who had both a 6-legged sow and an alcoholic wife. On one occasion the wife, hoping to sleep off her excesses, threw out the sow and passed out in the stye. Unfortunately, Lloyd had chosen this time to exhibit his 6-legged freak to a group of friends. He escorted them to the stye announcing: "There's a sow for you, did you ever see another?" The friends saw only his wife and responded that it was indeed the drunkenest sow they had ever seen. The phrase stuck.]

Cassell's also suggests you can be drunk as (a):

bastard, bat, beggar, besom, big owl, boiled owl, bowdow, brewer's fart, Chloe, cook, coon, Cooter Brown, cootie (a body louse), dog, dogshit, duck, emperor, fiddler, fiddler's bitch, fish, fly, fowl, forty, Gosport fiddler, hog, jaybird, king, little red wagon (a dump truck), log, loon, lord, monkey, peep, Perraner, pig, piper, poet, polony, rat, rolling fart, sailor, skunk in a trunk, sow, swine, tapster, tick, top, wheelbarrow

43745.  Fri Jan 06, 2006 11:53 pm Reply with quote

and judge perhaps.

Barrister: I put it to you that you were as drunk as a judge.

His Honour (interjecting): As drunk as a Lord I think you'll find.

Barrister: Quite right, m'lud.


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