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875757.  Fri Jan 06, 2012 6:24 am Reply with quote

Menopause, No pause O Men

Itís happened itís over childbearing days are through,
But our lives arenít over this is what we do.
The beard is plucked, the weight is controlled,
Itís time for my life, or so I am told.
Iíll not be invisible, fat or ignored,
Iím going out on the town, and will be adored.
The menopause is over my life will stretch out,
Come on you girls lets give them a shout.
Weíre here and we are gorgeous and confident too,
We now know what we want, and it may not be you.
We are sassy and happy, not past it at all.
Our faults are disguised, letís go have a ball.
Menopause is behind us, and we know it when,
We can go out at night, and can pause all you men.
You can stop, and look, and even fantasize
But stay on your side, we are not the prize.
We dress to please, and not to impress,
Look all you want, but you wonít get our address.
We are out on the town, a girlie night for all,
We are not on a pick up and not on a trawl.
So look, but donít touch we say to you men,
Our hubbies are waiting, we still have them.
They wait for us at home with real true affection,
With cocoa and slippers and our favourite confection


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