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875756.  Fri Jan 06, 2012 6:19 am Reply with quote


Skin so soft the glow still upon it, smooth and luscious, warm to caress,
Thatís was it back then, young and lovely, unlike now, and this new mess.
I shaved my legs my underarms too, I never thought Iíd get a beard like you.
When did this happen and why is it now?
Iím not that age yet, no way, Iím not - no how.
But Iím nearly old enough to be a granny never mind a wife.
It crept upon me through the progress of my life
The telly it tells me each and every day,
That my skin is losing elasticity.
Iím sick of the telly and the creams that donít work.
I ply them all over with a spade and a fork,
My skin need some moister, or so they say,
Iíve found a good supply, a bottle of white wine each day.
My skin now still glows, but itís covered in sweat,
Iím dripping and ripping my clothes off and yet,
Itís not in the heat of the moment I do it,
No passion, no lust, Iím just going through it.
I never thought Iíd have to ask you,
How to shave my chin, and get it smooth too.
Iíll be invisible, bearded, fat and ignored
So sign me up now for a freak show abroad
At least in the sun Iíll have reason to sweat
And every one will know - Iím not finished just yet.


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