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26958.  Sat Oct 15, 2005 9:24 am Reply with quote

A dacoit is an Indian armed robber, but I post this topic because it could get us into the QI topic of Thuggee. The most recent book on the subject (Thug: the True Story of India's Murderous Cult by Mike Dash pub Granta) apparently maintains that they were not members of a religious cult (although they did have various rituals and traditions in common). This contradicts what I have always understood, so it might be worth looking into if we think the thing about Kali-worship is well-enough known.

This is good: the Thugs were suppressed in the 1830s, but the government department set up to combat them continued to function until independence in 1947. Sounds like a good basis for a sitcom.

I haven't read the book, just a review of it.

40760.  Tue Dec 20, 2005 2:00 am Reply with quote

Just like the ancient times, when the dacoits used to worship Ma Kali with great gusto, modern day gang-leaders also do the same, albeit on a lower scale.

Whilst I wouldn’t claim to know a great deal about this I do know a little so I’ll put a reply up and see what happens. Kali is interesting in that she leads to three further Ds, Dance, Death and Destruction. This is not all doom and gloom! The cyclical nature of life is acknowledged, life, death and rebirth. Oh, and Devils – four Ds – there are definitely devils at one stage which the other deities call on Kali to slay.

When the Hindu Gods could not defeat a plague of demons, they called at last upon Kali. Severed heads adorn Her necklace, Her skin is black as night, and Her tongue protrudes from Her black face with the bloodlust of battle, and the immense laughter of Kali, destroyer of illusion, who sees beyond all delusions of the mind. Kali's dance is destruction that must occur for each new beginning. Kali's love is tough love; yet the dancing feet and the flaming sword of Kali are among the most powerful expressions of Divine Love.

Kali has become massively linked with Shiva in the later traditions. The unleashed form of Kali often becomes wild and uncontrollable, and only Shiva is able to tame her. This is both because she is often a transformed version of one of his consorts and because he is able to match her wildness. His methods vary from challenging her to the wild tandava dance and outdoing her, to appearing as a crying infant and appealing to her maternal instincts. While Shiva is said to be able to tame her, the iconography often presents her dancing on his fallen body, and there are accounts of the two of them dancing together, and driving each other to such wildness that the world comes close to unravelling.

Kali is the universal mother. It is believed that she goes into the darkness with us, and for us, to swallow our sins, worries and concerns. She can show us how to radically transform our lives by embracing our own darkness, rather than fearing and fleeing from that which haunts us.
In the aspect of Bhairavi, Kali is the counterpart to Shiva, taking pleasure in destruction, and the ultimate dissolution of the universe.

Kali is also thought to be an aspect of the Devi or Mahadevi or Mahakali, who was the most powerful and complex of all the great Goddesses. When She is in the aspect of Mahakali, Kali uses Her very appearance to terrify the various entities, demons, and devils who represent the sinister forces.

It is in this aspect, as Mahadevi, that Kali is depicted with black skin and a hideous tusked face and claws; Her forehead bearing a third eye like Shiva's. Here, Kali is shown with four arms, the upper two holding a bloody sword and severed head, while Her two lower hands are held out in welcome, as She grants favors to Her devout followers.

Kali is a combined form of Shiva and Parvati born out of anger at an erroneously perceived infidelity during Parvati’s period of asceticism undertaken in order to achieve the aspect of Gauri.

Myths of the World Michael Jordan Kyle Cathie Ltd (1995)

40808.  Tue Dec 20, 2005 7:42 am Reply with quote

I'm constantly being erroneously implicated in perceived infidelities during Parvati’s period of asceticism undertaken in order to achieve the aspect of Gauri. It's quite inconvenient.

41003.  Tue Dec 20, 2005 9:14 pm Reply with quote

You are the demon Adi who has transformed himself into Parvati's aspect of Uma, placing lethal nails within your vagina in an attempt to kill Shiva; and I claim my £5 prize.


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