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Disabled Parking Permits

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40648.  Mon Dec 19, 2005 2:58 pm Reply with quote

This just in from my 90-year-old great aunt, who lives in North Camden.

She has a disabled parking permit (after having had four hip replacements - no horse jokes please) and therefore enjoys free parking nearly anywhere in the whole of the EU - these things are continentally organised and recognised, incredibly.

Note the 'nearly' there. North Camden has a strange stipulation on its DPP - you can't use it to park in South Camden or Westminster. Anywhere else in Europe is fine, but not there. Her disabled Swedish friend had to take them out to lunch because her permit was issued in Stockholm, and this means that she can use it to park in South Camden and Westminster. But the locals can't. South Camden welcomes Latvians, but not North Camdonians.

So something along the lines of 'Who can park in Camden?'

40707.  Mon Dec 19, 2005 5:37 pm Reply with quote

Good. We need a quote from a bloke at the Council on this.


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