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The horseshoe has to be a cartoon convention, doesn't it? Putting a weight into your fist is sound ballistics, but a horseshoe would be a very inefficient way to do it: it wouldn't fit in the glove, it'd be very obvious, and it would probably injure the wearer as much as anybody. What you want is a stack of coins held in the fist.

My dad says that commandoes used to use a sockful of wet sand as their improvised cosh of choice. Because it moulds itself to the shape of the head when it hits, it knocks your victim out without cracking his skull open, so it's difficult to tell how he was attacked.

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Jack Dempsey's manager once claimed he'd put plaster of paris on Dempsey's bandages before a fight with Jess Willard.
Dempsey always denied this but its somehow become part of boxing folklore - they even comment on the subject on that's gospel then!
Willard was such a mess after the fight that it's always been a topic us boxing fans have argued about with enthusiasm.
(I think we just enjoy the hype, tbh).

And there were stories that bolts were often put in the hand before gloving up too. Again, I've no proof either way.

One story that has been given the nod, so to speak, is how boxers - Dempsey's believed to be one - soaked their hands in a brine/vinegar mixture to harden the skin.
Again, I'm not sure if this helped or not!!!! But boxers are notoriously superstitious, so maybe it was part of the pre fight ritual.

Someone whose phenomenal strength and punching power was marvelled at was Jimmy Wilde; The Ghost with a Hammer in His Hand.
Not much controversy about him though; just a very hard puncher according to the poor soul on the receiving end.


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