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Dead Sea Scrolls

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Some scholars claim that one fragment of the Dead Sea Scrolls, 7Q5, is actually a very early version of the New Testament; however the scrap of papyrus is sooooooo small that only one word can be fully made out.

Without googling (which I know is probably a pointless request), I wonder if anyone can guess what that word is?

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I think I knew this for about half an hour a year or two ago. Isn't something like "and" whose context couldn't possibly be reasonably deduced?

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Put them out of their misery, eggshaped - I googled because I had no idea!

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I've heard this before and the word is 'and'.

39498.  Thu Dec 15, 2005 7:13 am Reply with quote

Well yes. Well done to anyone who got the answer without a cheeky search (you know who you are). These incredible scholars managed to work out that the fragment is part of the gospel of Mark, despite the only fully legible word being “and” – or more specifically “ And”.

Here is a pic of the fragment.

You will notice that the fragment has 4 lines of letters. If you look at the second line, the letters spell out “kai” which is apparently greek for “and”.

This word seems to be starting a new paragraph (with a large gap between it and the previous word), which is similar to the style of Mark’s gospel.

However, in fairness, these were not the important letters for José O’Callaghan, the first man to come up with this theory. Apparently the 4th line contains the letters “nnes” which he postulated may be part of the word Gennesaret, also found in the gospel.

Have a look for yourself. I think it’s wishful thinking, but who knows…

Source: Wiki, and loads of religious sites on the net, some 100% in favour of this theory, some 100% against. Though it is hard to find a balanced, factual viewpoint.

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I read a fascinating analysis of the Dead Sea Scrolls after I visited the cave in Israel where they were found. They were written on a selection of skins including gazelle, ibex and goat, and DNA analysis showed that some of the goats were related, or at least from the same herd.

These articles are not as up-to-date as others I've seen (but couldn't find)...

Sources: here and here

Mr Grue
39519.  Thu Dec 15, 2005 8:09 am Reply with quote

Gray - great info!

Off topic but the first word said on Radio 1 was "And".


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