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The makers of the original film of King Kong, Cooper and Schoedsack, started off as makers of documentary films.

Their first major feature was called Grass, and followed the 50,000-member Bakhtiari tribe of Persia on their annual 48-day trek taking their herds of cattle and goats to pasture, crossing raging rivers and ice-covered mountains. The film doesn't just follow the tribe; they add a bit of a narrative as the tribal leader must instruct his young son in the ways of the journey so that someday he will be able to lead.

Their second major feature was called Chang, and featured a Siamese farmer named Kru and his family. Cooper and Schoedsack lived for a time in the jungle of Thailand, observing the lives of the natives, then created a sort of faux documentary about the challenges of native life. The scenes were all staged for the camera, though most were based on real incidents that the filmmakers observed in their study.

Then they started thinking about a documentary about gorillas, but David O Selznick got involved and the project changed its nature completely.

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Phants, now you're just getting silly.....


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