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Dutch QI DVD?

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Just Say No To Vorderman
845488.  Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:48 pm Reply with quote

Just wondering, is the Dutch QI available to watch with subtitles anywhere?
How about the Beeb adding subtitles and running ot here? surely that wouldn't cost them too much? It'd be better TV than just about everything on BBC3.

845490.  Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:51 pm Reply with quote

I'd agree with running it here with subtitles. I'm a bit loathe to get into the subject of "good and bad" programmes on any bbc channel - that's a matter of taste. But I don't see the point in bbc programmes simply aping commercial offerings no matter how popular (or good) they are.

845505.  Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:26 pm Reply with quote

I'd never felt the urge to watch the Dutch version, but have now sat through an episode from 2009. I hope the later ones were less stilted.

But in general I cannot see how the various expressions and sayings can be translated and still make sense in English.

845564.  Sun Sep 11, 2011 9:36 pm Reply with quote

Can't be any worse than "my man boobs and me" or "conspiracy road trip".

Actually, a literal recital of a translation of the swahili dictionary via Japanese couldn't be worse than either of those programmes. If they have time to broadcast that crap then they certainly have time to broadcast the Dutch QI.

I think I'm eminently qualified to be a BBC producer - the main qualification seems to be to be pissed. Surely, nobody would admit to producing this shit when sober?

845594.  Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:28 am Reply with quote

I don't care if there is time to broadcast Dutch QI. It wouldn't add anything nor serve a purpose. I don't want to see my license fee squandered on stupid, futile, actions. But it happens anyway.
845599.  Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:40 am Reply with quote

The English various expressions and sayings (actually: enough of 'em) can be translated and still make sense in Dutch.

There's a real case, the Dutch comedian Hans Teeuwen performed in London and used a sort of (works-)best-of-material for his British show, leaving out things that may not work in another country (like having sex with the queen):

Dutch subtitles

Apparently, in Dutch he used other words, like "snel-kook-pan" in the clip's title, instead of "talk-show-host".

Other examples are English-speaking comedians performing in Netherland. A common mistakes are bad jokes, and those comedians assuming the translation is the problem.

Eighter way, some jokes are possibly lost in translation, and subtitles may add a few.

Just to be complete, the "snelkookpan". Audio only, with "funny" images related to the sing-a-long-words in Dutch:

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845605.  Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:48 am Reply with quote wrote:
The English various expressions and sayings (actually: enough of 'em) can be translated and still make sense in Dutch

... and lots of English is being used in daily Dutch parlance anyway, so the need to translate/subtitle is less. The Dutch are also much more aware about British culture, history etc than the Brits about the Dutch (apart from stereotypical stuff).
The point under discussion is whether a Dutch QI version should be broadcast here, in the UK, with subtitles.
I think it would be a futile exercise and a waste of viewers' money.

845614.  Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:08 am Reply with quote

I tend to agree, yorz - for various reasons, we tend to watch pretty much everything at home with the subtitles on - however, we tend not to do so for comedy shows, as because one can read faster than someone can talk, it does rather spoil the timing of the punchlines.

I would guess, as well, that the Dutch series mined the question banks from the early series here, so I doubt we'd get much new out of it.
845618.  Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:19 am Reply with quote

Dutch QI version

Which also involves the translation and culture I mentioned additionally.

Dutch people care less, for example about being interesting. A few topics were slightly recycled with different questions in the Dutch QI version, like the Adam&God-paiting with a "pull my finger"-joke. Some topics apply to the Dutch or Flemish situation, one of the comedians actually was from Belgium (Flanders).

It isn't that different, it would be as successfull as a British QI version broadcasted in Netherland. I think it's nice-to-have if you want to have the full collection. Other than that, there's nothing special about the British nor Dutch show. A lack of Fry, if any, is compensated by understanding all jokes and by more jokes.

The main reason it could be a futile exercise is that the number of buyers won't be impressive, while the show is still running and we haven't even seen all British episodes yet. If I had to rate it, it could be a candidate for "DVD extras" if you've nothing else. Nice-to-have. Not a must-have.

Just like showing the British QI in other countries perhaps is a futile exercise and a waste of viewer's/tax payer's money. For one because most people won't know what an "ai" is, without having seen the picture of an ai. So it wouldn't work as intended as of question I of episode I of the I-series.
845623.  Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:40 am Reply with quote

There were a few mistakes in the Dutch show. The Dutch Alan who was mentioned in the G-series could be heard explainig what his role is, which is a spoiler. One shouldn't mention it on-air. The Dutch Stephen could be heard saying the show is getting better and funnier each time.

Besides that, it's likely the producers were looking for a Fry, the poshy (and underestimated) Arthur Japin isn't that well-known and gay. The show was still called QI, the host sort of had to explain that it means "tamelijk interessant", which isn't an usual, polite Dutch saying at all.

Perhaps a French QI with Enlish subtitles is like watching a James Bond movie on German tv. Goldfinger just spoke German, and his famous English lines will be replaced by an unknown German voice somehow trying to copy the English voice. Goldfinger's voice version 3.0. It works, but you'll prefer the English version, no matter how hard the new voices try.

The quality of the Dutch QI jokes was about the A level upto and including the E series, showing the experience of the producers. I don't think it was promoted very well, and people weren't waiting for it as such. And again, Dutch people are very good in not caring.

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845627.  Mon Sep 12, 2011 4:28 am Reply with quote

The Dutch QI (all XL length) also could spoil new English versions, for example the Money-theme for a M series. As far as I can tell, Dutch Dave lists episodes regarding Money, Religion, House, Love and Lust, War and five (klaxon!) Senses.

Subsubject of the Religion episode (not counting the usual number of "thread drifts"), rated 4.83 out of 5:

The Vatican's hammer

How the Vatican would welcome E.T.

Ramadan in space

How the first pilgrim fathers were welcomed in America

How to make people pay attention in a church

Adam's first love (with the finger joke, a shocked "The famous painting by Michelangelo - Pull My Finger Please")

The best place to be, heaven or hell

Why kept Sarah Winchester adding rooms to her house (an English tradition, not that many haunted houses in Netherland)

Why isn't it that bad to torture religious people

General ignorance:

The answer of 52% of Dutch people when asked if they believe in God

What's the main religion in 2010 in Netherland (show broadcasted in january 2009, and English people won't care about the main religion in Spain in 2014)

Why orthodox Jews on holiday don't send many postcards

Why is the entrance of Jesus' Birth Church that low

Where is gin often used in a church

If it's really that good, I'ld suggest to re-record it in English, and to replace the worst foreign bits by better native ones (i.e. the evolution of an episode).
845635.  Mon Sep 12, 2011 5:08 am Reply with quote

To really address the original question, ignoring a possible waste of money:

The show still can be seen, suggesting the Dutch broadcaster just has a license for Netherland. If you want to ask for a DVD of the Dutch QI with whatever subtitles, I'ld say you have to contact the British producer instead of any Dutch company.

The assumption that questions were re-used is a wrong assumption. I listed 6 themes and Religion-related questions earlier, including M(oney) and W(ar).

The image of the Michelangelo-painting was the same. I'm sure old jokes weren't suggested to the comedians, and the question wasn't about the painted red "brain". In the Dutch version, the unique question was who Adam's first love was and an unique joke was "pull my finger". No first love in earlier English QI episodes, no pulling fingers in earlier English QI episodes.

If one really likes it, find and translate the questions and mention 'em in a forum. Please skip the few ones related to other countries then, since the British QI already mentions other countries frequently (is there even a series without I-themed Italy-related subjects?!).
845657.  Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:19 am Reply with quote

To wrap this up, if anybody is thinking about releasing a Dutch QI DVD with English subtitles (like having missed a few XL episodes, would you buy the DVD if ...), the (works-)best-of-show of Hans Teeuwen is the reversed reverse, so sales figures can be comparable.

The show in English was broadcasted on Dutch tv once, and many Dutch people already were familiar with the Dutch versions of this best-of-in-English-with-Dutch-subtitles show (example provided earlier, English and Dutch version).

Dutch buyers buyers would get a few extra jokes or versions. Already knowing the "snel-kook-pan", the replacing "hard-ware-store" would be new to 'em. So it's likely the buyers are die-hard fans of mr. Teeuwen, not wanting to miss any material. I'm quite sure I would never buy a DVD with the Romanian version of QI, just because it exists. No matter how funny Romanian comedians are. I'll cheer for curious persons wanting to see it anyway.
845992.  Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:17 am Reply with quote

By the way, there's at least one reused fact or question. In the Dutch QI War-episode, a question was in which year WWII ended. As far as I know the same fact was reused in a more recent English QI episode (in the eighties, Germany was involved but there wasn't a Germany for a few decades).

845997.  Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:28 am Reply with quote

As far as I know the same fact was reused in a more recent English QI episode

That would be impressive - as the episode of the British series in which this question was posed was broadcast in 2005, which is three years before the Dutch company bought the rights to make it.

C Series, Episode 4.


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