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Jumping Jehosaphat

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Spud McLaren
837075.  Sun Aug 07, 2011 4:31 pm Reply with quote

djgordy wrote:
Jefferson Airplace - White Rabbit.
If ever I'm invited onto Desert Island Discs, either that song or Cream's I Feel Free will be my No.1.

902489.  Tue Apr 17, 2012 6:23 pm Reply with quote

djgordy wrote:
Since the Bible is full of imaginary entities , people and events, I can't see that an imaginary fungus or two makes all that much difference.

It makes all the difference, since the Bible makes not the slightest mention of any fungus being involved. The part of the story of Jehoshaphat facing an enemy army is from the Bible, but the stuff about eating mushrooms and doubling in size is of course entirely based on Mario, assumably to set up a strawman for people to knock down (a common practice on that particular forum), which is exactly what you've done.
The imaginary fungus should make a lot of difference to you - if you fell for such obvious garbage when it seemed to confirm your view it should show you how strongly you suffer from confirmation bias, it should highlight to you how fallible your reasoning is, and if you've used those same reasoning methods to arrive at life-affecting conlusions, that's a pretty important thing to know.


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