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Location: NW Italy
Capital: Seborga
Area claimed: 5.8m2
Language: Italian, French, Ligurian

This micro-nation has an historic pedigree being founded in 954 as a theocratic state. In 1079 the head of state (the Abbot of the local monastery) became a Prince of the Holy Roman Empire.

On 20 January 1729, Seborgia was sold to the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia.

Seborga's status as an independent state like San Marino is based on the claim that the sale was never registered. Therefore the Congress of Vienna (1815) did not mention Seborga in the shake up of Europe following Napoleon's defeat.

The Act of Unification for the Kingdom of Italy (1861) omits Seborgia.

Giorgio Carbone a local flower grower co-operative in 1963 convinced enough residents to elect him Head of State and he styled himself Prince of Seborga. The "state" has a government, flag, local currency and stamps. Burkina Faso, has a consulate in the "state".

The independence is very good for tourism and Seborgans pay taxes to Italy and vote in Italian elections.

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