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Bavarian Soviet Republic

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826040.  Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:46 pm Reply with quote

Proclaimed April 6th 1919 and disestablished May 3rd 1919.

This short lived state had an interesting Foreign Affairs Deputy Dr. Franz Lipp. He had been admitted several times for psychiatric treatment and declared war on Switzerland because the Swiss Government refused to lend Bavaria sixty railway locomotives.

Apart from declaring war in his short period in office, Lenin was cabled to be told that the ousted former Bavarian Premier Mr Hoffmann had taken the key to the ministry toilet with him.

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That's fabulous! I love it! In fact it sounds almost too fabulous to be true, so what's your source for that, Zebra?

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Jenny: I was researching an article and was looking in material from the New York Times. On April 14th 1919 an article appeared from a reporter commenting on the situation affecting the recently declared Bavarian Soviet Republic. If you follow the links that I have included you can see that there was a "unique" way in which the Government conducted itself.

One bizarre decision, I did not include was that the Government unilaterally decided to close all cafes in the country at 6PM. As you can imagine this went down very well with cafe owners and their clientele!

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Love it! Thanks for the links.

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I often wondered why Munich embraced Nazi ideology with relative enthusiasm and tended to be anti-communist. Given their experience of the Bavarian Soviet Republic I began to understand why it happened.

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Prior to the BSR, Bavaria had been declared a free state by Kurt Eisner, who looked to create a socialist republic, though not in the image of the Bolsheviks.

During this time a lot of political and business leaders fled Munich and this allowed more radical leaders to gain prominence, so when Eisner was assassinated on 19th February 1919, this created a vacuum.

Over the next few days Munich was fought over by a number of factions, but after seeing the Soviet revolution in Hungary in March, some groups combined (mostly communists and anarchists) and gained enough control to create the BSR.

This was doomed to be a failure because of the power vacuum in Munich, and because many civic and business leaders had escaped, everyone was jostling for power, and this is not a healthy environment for a new state.

Now, here's the irony:

There is photographic evidence that appears to show a certain Adolf Hitler taking part in the official funeral procession, and this could suggest he was a follower of this Jewish Socialist. Years later, when writing about that period, Hitler wrote of Eisner "Eisner's death only hastened developments and led finally to the Soviet dictatorship, or to put it more correctly, to a passing rule of Jews, as had been the original aim of the instigators of the whole revolution". Considering his hatred of Jews and Communists, this seemed to avoid attacking Eisner personally, considering he was a Jewish, socialist leader.

The man who assassinated Eisner was Anton Arco-Valley, an Austrian who adopted Germnay as his homeland, served in WWI and was wounded (sounds familiar so far?). He was extremely anti semitic despite his mother being Jewish, and may have been pushed over the edge because he was refused membership of the nationalist Thule Society because of his Jewish ancestry. He was originally sentenced to death, but this was reduced to a prison term. In 1924 he was moved from his cell to make way for another prisoner - Adolf Hitler.

No surprise he was later pardoned and even decorated by the Nazis as a "Hero of the movement", and his Jewish ancestry ignored.

His brother, Count Ferdinand, married a cousin of Raoul Wallenberg.

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Whoa, that's wild!


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