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What are you watching today?

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827480.  Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:29 am Reply with quote

At the suggestion of Ian Dunn, I'm posting this topic. It can include live events, TV, DVD, Blu-Ray etc etc.

What I will be watching this evening is the final of The Voice on MSNBC. It's rare for me to get hooked into TV competitions - I never watch American Idol or America's got Talent or similar programmes - but this one has been terrific so I am looking forward to finding out who wins and enjoying the show.

827483.  Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:33 am Reply with quote

Later on this evening, I will be watching volume two of Dennis Potter at London Weekend Television, a DVD featuring the rarely-seen plays Shaggy Dog, Moonlight on the Highway and Lay Down Your Arms. I've not seen any of them before, so I hope they're not rarely-seen because they're shit.

827490.  Tue Jun 28, 2011 10:44 am Reply with quote

I've been working from home today, and my usual modus operandi is to stick on a favourite film to burble away in the background as I sift through the numbers.

So this afternoon, I've watched Fargo, and I'm currently three or four episodes in to Blackadder II.

Ian Dunn
827502.  Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:15 am Reply with quote

At the moment I'm watching Wimbledon and later I'll be watching the second half of Three Men Go to Venice.

I've also started watching the anime Death Note. For those unaware of it, it is about a teenage student called Light who discovers a supernatural note book called the "Death Note", previously owned by a god of death. The Death Note allows the person who owns it to kill anyone by writing their name in the book and picturing the person in their head. Light decides to use it to kill all the evil people in the world, making himself a kind of god.

All I'll say is that it is a good job I never came across this while I was a student, otherwise I'd probably be in jail right now.

827508.  Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:29 am Reply with quote

As much as I enjoy the 'Three Men...' series, it does bug me that they continually employ the device of making it appear like Rory, Griff and Dara are just bumbling around bumping into remarkable things and people, when every encounter has obviously been meticulously planned in advance.

Ian Dunn
827509.  Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:31 am Reply with quote

I'm not sure that every encounter has been made in advance. I think some things have come up that cause delays. For example, in last week's episode there was a problem about one boat not being allowed in Croatia for diplomatic reasons.

827519.  Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:00 pm Reply with quote

Yes, but they'll have known that in advance. (Or if they really didn't, their researchers won't be asked to research their next journey!)

Similarly, you may recall Jeremy Clarkson acting all surprised upon being told that no one from the BBC was allowed into Iran. "Acting" was the key word.

Ian Dunn
827522.  Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:45 pm Reply with quote

I thought that the thing that surprised him was that it was ALL of the BBC was banned and not just the news?

827523.  Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:53 pm Reply with quote

I'll be watching part 2 of 3 Men go to Venice later on, currently I'm watching Captains Courageous, classic movie.

827555.  Tue Jun 28, 2011 2:12 pm Reply with quote

Wimbledon, of course.

Saturday and Sunday, I shall be going to the cinema . . . to watch the Wimbledon finals in 3D. I sincerely hope rain doesn't ruin them!

Earlier, I watched S17E01 of Top Gear. Bit of a yawn; Alice Cooper was the best part.

827576.  Tue Jun 28, 2011 4:10 pm Reply with quote

The weather prognosis for London for Saturday and Sunday is reasonably good at present - but even if it rains, they'll just close the roof.

Can you see beyond Szarapowa for the women's title? As for the men's, I know you're going to say Nadal - but surely it has to be Federer.

827583.  Tue Jun 28, 2011 5:00 pm Reply with quote

I can't really say who I think will win the men's until the quarterfinals are over. I always root for Rafa, and after today I'm very reassured his foot will be a non-issue going forward. I don't see anything particularly inspired or special about Federer's game at the moment. (That might be my bias talking; I just don't like the fella.) Tomic is rocking and rolling; Djokovic and Murray are in with a chance. Even though he's a compatriot, I don't care for Fish's chances. I also discount Tsonga. Lopez may be a dark horse.

I think I gotta give it to Sharapova. I'm so not looking forward to the possibility of Maria and Azarenka meeting in a final. May have to take earplugs. Although, I think Lisicki may also be a dark horse.

Ian Dunn
827783.  Wed Jun 29, 2011 12:34 pm Reply with quote

Other than Wimbledon and continuing with Death Note, I'm also planning to watch another anime today called Nichijou, which is a surreal comedy set in a school. If you want to get an idea of what Nichijou, one of the characters is a humanoid robot with a clockwork wind-up key in her back, designed by an eight-year-old professor. Nichijou is Japanese for "Regular Life".

This series is available to watch online via a legal streaming service called Anime on Demand, but you have to pay to use it.

828006.  Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:42 pm Reply with quote

I watched the results show of the final of The Voice last night. It's been an excellent series - I gather there will be a UK version soon. I've certainly enjoyed the US version, and if I can I may try and follow the UK version if I can watch it online. The episodes from the US version can be seen online on their website.

828080.  Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:44 pm Reply with quote

Lately I've been making my way through Lead Balloon, which is spectacularly brilliant, and Batman Beyond, which is quite cool for a teen cartoon.
I also watched This Filthy World, a stage talk by John Waters, and The Peter Sellers Story... As He Filmed It, a kind of documentary made from archive footage from Sellers' home movies and with voice commentary from some of the people he knew.

And just to clarify: is this the "What did you watch that wasn't a film?" thread, or are we conflating the Films thread with this?


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