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Hutsul Republic

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This short lived country came into existence on January 8th 1919 in territory which had been in Eastern Hungary. It was an example of the patchwork of ethnic minorities which inhabited the old Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Hutsul are a people who inhabit the mountain area around Yasinia (now in Ukraine) whose origins are the subject of differing opinions. Their languge is described as a dialect of Ukrainian (with Polish influence). The infant country was invaded and occupied by Romanian forces on June 11th 1919 lasting little more than a few months.

Its Prime Minister was Stepan Klochurak who wrote his memoirs in 1978 entitled "Strive for Freedom" where he chronicled the smothering of self-determination of his people by the aggression of neighbouring states.

Today the Hutsul dialect/language is threatened with dying out as Standard Ukrainian is replacing it.


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