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Series D, E etc on DVD

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852189.  Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:52 pm Reply with quote

My word, that's just ........... utterly nuts!

864109.  Sun Nov 13, 2011 12:55 am Reply with quote

Given that the show has been in diet and full-fat XL flavours for a while now, it wouldn't make much sense to release DVDs of it anyway. What version are you going to put out: diet, XL (the full experience, but you're turning a 2-disc set into 3, possibly 4 per series) or both (dammit, how many DVDs do you need?!). The only real way for it to appear now would be on the likes of iTunes, on a weekly and Series Pass basis.

Even then, and it's a bit uncomfortable to say, that would need to be the XL version. I think this might be bordering on heresy, but I believe that the show might be starting to outgrow its low-calorie caffeine-free 30-minute format. That's if it hasn't already done so. For me, although I still record both versions (and convert them into AVIs), XL is rapidly becoming my weapon of choice.

Let's face it, the scoring already baffles a great many of us. Leaving dirty great black holes all over the shop where it looks like someone is high-stepping all the way into the endzone with the win, only to finish second for no apparent reason - it's getting a bit old. Remember the infamous Nina Conti episode that had negative points, but no sirens at all? That episode grated on most of us anyway before the scores. That's like Miami bossing a game for 58 minutes, but Cleveland winning by a single point and Dolphins fans being left absolutely clueless as to why.

(Oh wait, that actually did happen, didn't it. Still ground me gears though...)

864310.  Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:36 pm Reply with quote

What I find puzzling is that QI appears to be shown now on Autralian and NZ TV but not here in Canada.

Why is this? Has CBC been approached, or BBC Canada?

1228455.  Tue Feb 28, 2017 9:24 pm Reply with quote

This makes no sense, yes put them on iTunes or similar, old qi''s are a font of encyclopaedia information, yes questions can become wrong but qi corrects it's mistakes. I have about 90% of all episodes but after the C series, I've got about 3 seasons of crappy little mp4's or glitchy dave episodes or I have to do a massive amount of work to get a half way decent copy for my 4yr old son to learn from. Like the inventer of qi, I want my son to have all my and qi's knowledge.
So come on qi, give us the old series, from bbc2 not the dave versions & help me educate my son 😛


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