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Series D, E etc on DVD

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823520.  Mon Jun 13, 2011 11:46 am Reply with quote

I bought the A, B and C series ages ago. Just wondered if anyone knows when the rest will be released.

Ian Dunn
823537.  Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:45 pm Reply with quote

I created a petition to get the others released if you wish to sign it. It currently has over 1,400 signatures.

823672.  Tue Jun 14, 2011 12:59 am Reply with quote

Done! Thanks for starting that. Will try to get friends to sign too.

Ian Dunn
823688.  Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:17 am Reply with quote

Thanks very much.

Just Say No To Vorderman
834232.  Sun Jul 24, 2011 5:28 pm Reply with quote

I've given up..screw them if they don't want my money..recorded most of them onto DVD from Dave now.

844380.  Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:14 am Reply with quote

Yup, sod the silly short-sighted idiots who decided against further DVD releases - if they don't want my money then I'll spend it on something else.

Their loss.

844905.  Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:44 pm Reply with quote

Well, it's not us, obviously, who don't want more DVDs!

Corporate Britain has deemed that the sales (historically tiny) don't justify the production costs.

When we get five minutes of spare time, we're going to see if we can revisit this.

844909.  Fri Sep 09, 2011 7:47 pm Reply with quote

I wouldn't bother - it's mostly available (illegally but freely) on youtube and similar - if they can't be arsed to cash in then fuck 'em. Of course, you could always do something radical like retain control of the commercial releases - and not be caught in the headlights?

844927.  Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:24 pm Reply with quote

I'd say hold on for a little while, see what the success of the Australian trip is like (I'm guessing the Aussie market will be open for a DVD of the tour), and then you might have the numbers to push for a DVD release of the previous series.

845059.  Sat Sep 10, 2011 10:56 am Reply with quote

I had an impression (possibly mistaken...) that when we get the website revamped there might be some possibility of people paying to download episodes. Bobwilson's right that most of the episodes can be found on youtube, but they're in three sections and not nearly so much fun to watch - also mainly not the XL versions, which are the versions I suspect more people would be interested in paying to download. At least if it's pay-to-download, the issue of small sales isn't such a big one, surely?

845146.  Sat Sep 10, 2011 4:31 pm Reply with quote

The shows both XL and non-XL are available to download on P2P and when DVDs do not materialise this is the way a lot of people go - and the only way of dragging them back to the DVDs when they are released is with frankly Quite Interesting bonus content :)


Just Say No To Vorderman
850798.  Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:22 pm Reply with quote

Come on QI people..seriously? Chelmsford 123 has just been released on DVD..surely to fek there's more people out there after QI DVDs than the handful of saddos like me who are buying Chelmsford 123 ( to check the Latin pronuncaiations in Episode 1)..yet Hatrick can get it together? Somebody needs their arse kicking.
The longer this goes on the more extras you're going to have to come up with as we'll all have already made our own copies.

850840.  Tue Sep 27, 2011 8:19 pm Reply with quote

As I recall, the big sticking point because of the low sales figures is the costs of clearing the images and video used on the screens to accompany the questions. They are cleared for broadcast, but not for home entertainment - which would include both DVD and download. This is a rather unique problem, and not one that would be faced by, say, a drama series.

Therefore, if they can not be sure that sales revenues will cover these costs, then they're not going to go ahead. And I can only presume that the Series A-C DVDs have been loss-making endeavours to date.

Unless there has been some change in copywrite or licencing law, I don't imagine that the situation will have changed, or is likely to be changed. The only other thing that's likely to swing things around is if the copies of the already-released series suddenly start flying off the shelves.

850855.  Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:04 pm Reply with quote

Neo's explanation sounds plausible - can someone from the core team confirm that the use of copyright imagery is the sticking point?

850879.  Wed Sep 28, 2011 3:33 am Reply with quote

Flash confirms this to be the case back in post 699139.


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