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According to the Zimbabwe Statistical Office inflation rose from 32% in 1998, to an annual rate of 11,200,000% in 2008.

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...which is why I am the proud owner of 2 banknotes of 500million or similar (can't find them right now) Zimbabwean smackeroonies. Worth zilch. They are out of date. :(

819459.  Thu May 26, 2011 10:54 am Reply with quote

As, in fact, are all Zimbabwean coins and banknotes.

The Zimbabwean dollar was formally abandoned on 12 April 2009, since when the country has had no official currency. De facto, the currency of Zimbabwe is currently the US dollar - that's what the government uses to pay its bills. But Botswanan pula, euros, pounds sterling, and South African rand are also all readily accepted when making payments.

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A security guard was recently arrested for getting caught short. His crime? It was using Robert Mugabe's allocated toilet.


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