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Error in Bats episode

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789631.  Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:25 pm Reply with quote

Hi my name is Gabriel and i recently discovered QI when i got an Erasmus grant and moved to Birmingham to study Anglo-Saxon archaeology for 10 months. i have to say that it's a wonderful program and i wish we had something similar in Sweden. Being Scandinavian i did however pick up on two errors watching the B series.

The tale of Karl XIV Johan's tattoo is sadly a factoid, myth. It first comes up as a comedic stunt in the play "Le Camarade de lit" in 1833
It is based on a pro-republican letter he had published in 1797 to hush up the rumors surrounding him.

the second was most likely just a slip of mr.Fry's tongue, but an error non the less. he said King Harald Blåtand unified denmark,norway and sweden... this is only true for the two first.
King Harald is stated one the Jelling Rune stone as the first man to unify the danish kingdoms and norway,

Sweden remained a collection of small countries well into the early middle ages. most historians see swedens first date of existance as when Erik the holy managed to get elected king in the three largest of them: east gothia, west gothia and svear land.

Sweden has only been conquered once, it was by a danish king in 1520, although by 1523 the resistance army led by Gustav I Vasa had regained control of the entire kingdom. this is the main reason most swedes don't celebrate our independence day, we find it silly to make such a big fuss over a 3 year tyrant who was kicked out by the first Noble who escaped from one of the jails.

789705.  Sun Feb 20, 2011 8:25 am Reply with quote

That is an amazing thing in an amazing place, that Jelling Rune stone. I was impressed by the very elegant new museum last time I visited. Fascinating.

789841.  Sun Feb 20, 2011 9:15 pm Reply with quote

yes sadly the long pre-historic tradition of rock carving in scandinavia is now facing the same threat as statues and monuments already long has done i rural areas, they wither from pollution.
since the stones at jelling are such vital historic documents the new museum was planned to protect the site in situ, so that the stones would not have to be moved and set in the rather dull runestone hall in copenhagen.
sadly swedish stones don't enjoy such luxury... it's because of the war i think, or the lack of war, and the reasons germany didn't attack sweden. to much patriotism is regarded as dangerous by many and things that can fuel it are given little funding


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