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Malta comprises of seven islands in the Mediterranean Sea, only the largest islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino are inhabited. The islands are low and rocky with high coastal cliffs.

Malta at the crossroads of the Mediterranean has welcomed numerous visitors both peaceful (St Paul) and hostile (Arabs) stretching back thousands of years. The country has been inhabited for over 8,000 years and had a significant civilisation existing on the islands before the Phoenicians named the large island safe haven - Malat.

The islands were ruled by numerous powers including Greeks, Romans, Sicilians, Normans, Spanish, Arabs, French and for centuries the Order of Knights of the Hospital of St John. Malta was ruled by Britain from 1814 and became independent in 1964. This is reflected in the varied architecture of the country, a varied cuisine and interesting place names.

It has fiercely withstood many invasions including resisting the enemy in the Second World War for which the Maltese were awarded the George Cross.

A member of the EU Malta's official languages are Maltese and English.

I could find no link between the country and Maltesers (originally called Energy Balls). People from Malta are called Maltese.


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