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dr bartolo
784021.  Fri Feb 04, 2011 9:23 am Reply with quote

Series H discussed inscence clocks. the "clock " was made of a gradiated joss stick that smelt diffrently as the stick burned*, but there were two other kinds that the show forgot to mention.
the first was a simple joss stick upon which hung, by thread metal balls spaced at specific distances. when the stick reached the thread, the thread burned through, thus causing it to fall with a clatter into the pan below.

yet another comprised a bed of ash, and a metal mould. the metal mould would be packed into the ash, the inscence powder spooned into the groove, and re compacted before being lit by placing a lit inscence stick into it.

* I found no examples of this type of device on the net, aldough I found a version of the second clock that used diffrent smelling powders to the same effect


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