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Audience figures

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102378.  Thu Oct 12, 2006 7:02 am Reply with quote

This page is quite revealing, and confirms what we all know: people like to (a) laugh, and (b) discover interesting and bizarre stuff.

102434.  Thu Oct 12, 2006 9:52 am Reply with quote

Those graphs are great! It's nice that we're all congratulated for sitting aroung watching television. Brilliant television at that. I think Messrs Lloyd and Fry each deserve a hearty pat on the back.

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102540.  Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:19 pm Reply with quote

Woo, and indeed hoo!

103167.  Sat Oct 14, 2006 5:19 pm Reply with quote

blushes modestly, shuffles from foot to foot

The real credit, of course, goes to the audience in whom I and everyone else at QI has immense faith.

These graphs demonstrate, with almost comical violence, just how justified that faith is.

It is a blow for the real preferences of real people rather than for the manipulated and self-perpetuating half-truths of the Focus Group culture and the sinuous mandarins of spin who profit from it. Roll on the counter-revolution.

To do the authorities justice, though, they have absolutely taken notice of the figures.

Hence the new 8.30 slot on Saturday, where QI's tiny David (armed with only a sling-shot and a supply of guava halves) takes on the Goliaths of 'Strictly Come Dancing' and 'Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Not Very Well Written Thing'.

103196.  Sat Oct 14, 2006 6:23 pm Reply with quote

JumpingJack wrote:
'Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Not Very Well Written Thing'.

Hmm, catchy. If it wasn't for the repeat of QI, I might watch that. (Yeah, right.)

103225.  Sun Oct 15, 2006 3:06 am Reply with quote

I saw the first ten minutes, samivel. It takes real talent to make Harry Hill and Al Murray completely unfunny.

(Apologies for the unaccustomed negativity)

103320.  Sun Oct 15, 2006 8:41 am Reply with quote

You managed a whole ten minutes of Ant & Dec? I bow to your powers of endurance, sir. I last laughed at thir antics when I was 12.

103558.  Mon Oct 16, 2006 5:50 am Reply with quote

Nothing makes me feel as warm and fuzzy as a nice clustered bar chart.

103595.  Mon Oct 16, 2006 7:43 am Reply with quote

When does the primetime bbc1 show air then?

103676.  Mon Oct 16, 2006 10:40 am Reply with quote

Neotenic wrote:
Nothing makes me feel as warm and fuzzy as a nice clustered bar chart.

Have you tried going out a bit more?

103683.  Mon Oct 16, 2006 11:06 am Reply with quote

It can only be decades away, barbados.

Though the ratings for last week were excellent: 2.9m and 15% share on BBC2 and 501,000 on BBC4. At least one of those is a new high for QI.

103685.  Mon Oct 16, 2006 11:09 am Reply with quote


What about the repeat? My mum watches ITV crime dramas on a Friday so I generally end up watching both.

103733.  Mon Oct 16, 2006 2:24 pm Reply with quote

The repeat is rather weedy by comparison, No1, but then we are up against probably the stiffest competition on British television.

Last Saturday it was 0.9% rising to 1m.

Katie (our lovely BBC commissioner) is very pleased with that, though. QI inherited a measly 0.7 from The Culture Show that preceded us, and added viewers during the course of the programme.

103749.  Mon Oct 16, 2006 2:58 pm Reply with quote

Well the repeat isn't advertised at all. I expect most of the people watching it (above those from the culture show) are those that happened to wander over it whilst flicking channels.

How do they get the estimates for the viewing figures? Is there something in my TV set telling them that I am watching it or something?

103759.  Mon Oct 16, 2006 3:42 pm Reply with quote

QI isn't advertised at all to speak of, grizzly, as far as I can see though Katie tells me it was before the series began.

She also thinks the Saturday audience will grow as the series goes on. As we offer a real alternative to most of the competition, she may well be right.

As far as I understand it, the BBC gets their figures from a random sample of street interviews and ITV get theirs from a set top box installed in willing viewers homes. But that was then, and things may be different now.Perhaps they have agreed a joint policy since I worked full-time in telly in the 80s.

It's also possible that any digital channel's viewership may be monitored with extreme accuracy, in the way that Google seems to know your every move and everything about you.

When I was a BBC staffer, audiences of a size now commonplace on BBC4 and BBC3 (let alone some of the lesser digital channels) would have been graded 'Audience Too Small To Measure'.


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